If you could go back in time, what would you change?

Presumably, most of us would add to the top of our list, “spending time with family and close friends”. It is something most people find important and want to increase. Yet so often, we are faced with the prospect of other, less important, aspects of our lives nudging it to the side. Why is finding adequate time to be with our family and friends so difficult to achieve?

And what should we do when our time with loved ones and friends is not just optional but is rendered mandatory? What happens when our aging parents and others who are close to us need help with the necessities of their day-to-day lives? What if we don’t have the capacity in our schedules to be present for them; and if not, who else can we count on to be waiting in the wings to cover at least part of that responsibility?

That is why I created Gentle Wave Concierge Services. We are here to be your back-up in such tasks as transporting your loved ones to doctor’s appointments; ensuring that their refrigerator is well-stocked and the bill payments go out and providing something as simple and basic as warm and engaged companionship. Feeling guilty about not spending more time with family and close friends don’t accomplish anything. Let Gentle Wave help you find peace of mind.

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