The New York Easter Hat Parade: Fun is not solely for the young

Gentle Wave recently attended the New York Easter Parade in midtown Manhattan. One of the highlights of the celebration was seeing the unusual and creative hats that people wore, as they either walked along the parade route or followed along on the sidelines. As should be obvious from these photographs, not only did we see some of the most exotic and off-beat hats, but in many instances, they were being worn by both seniors and those with physical challenges.

It made us think about the way our culture so often conveys the message through the media—or simply our general assumptions that form the basis for how we interact with one another—that seniors are too old for frivolity; that the disabled should be relegated to perpetual and humorless suffering. Nothing could be further from the truth.

People of all ages and abilities need joie de vivre, the joyful happiness of living in the world and tasting its many pleasures. At Gentle Wave Concierge Services, we believe that the yearning for frivolity should never end. As the saying goes, the more complex the mind, the more the need for play. Let Gentle Wave accompany you on that journey.

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