When the news reports on how the experience of being an adolescent has changed in America, they have a good point. Everything from social media to college debt has added to that age group a sense of being boxed in.

But when our culture debates the experience of being a senior (or as we are supposed to refer to that stage of life, older adults), it seems that the assumption is the opposite: that we are all footloose and fancy-free.

Is that really the case?
When you think about your own life—of the challenges that lay ahead, the memories of what you have left behind—how do you feel? Do you fear the aging process or do you embrace it?

At Gentle Wave, we honor our seniors. It is our aim to enhance the quality of their lives and accord them the respect and dignity they have earned.

Whatever your thoughts and feelings on having reached this stage of life are, it is an accomplishment. Let us help you make it an even better one. We can travel with you, take you to places you want or need to go, we can accompany you.

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