If you are my age, you know how it goes: things that we did so easily before, now have become a challenge. This includes cooking a favorite dish; going shopping; and even (my favorite) traveling. If you still have the energy to do it all, enjoy it, because one day you will not.

The lesson is we must enjoy everything and live each moment intensely. We must not be afraid to live our lives passionately because nothing lasts forever. Time is short.

Dress however you want; one day you will see pictures of yourself from 40 years ago and realize how cool and beautiful you were. Did you give yourself enough credit for the blessings you had? How silly you were to care about any flaws in your appearance.

Do not regret anything because it is not too late to fix it. You can do it. You may have less time, and it may take longer, but what matters is you still have the time to transform your life. You are alive and enjoying life, so there is hope.

Do whatever you want. Live the way you want. Speak up all you want. You have earned it.

Let me give you a hint: people are generally afraid to contradict older people, sometimes they even feel sorry for them. That gives us an advantage.

I will not tell you to drink more water, to avoid fat food, to exercise more. Everybody tells you this, from your doctors to your kids and your friends.

The secret at our age is to do what you like. For my part, I started an internet business even at my age. Although everybody told me that I would not be able to navigate that. But I am a stubborn old lady who doesn’t always listen to what people say. I had to learn everything from commenting on a post or picture to creating my own profile on social media, with the help of some friends of course. By the way, friends are very important in this process.

They are the ones who have to listen to you and help when needed, (and if they get fed up with you, just pretend you are dying). Hope that helps.
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