When the elderly fall or trip, it can be serious. These simple but important steps will enhance their safety at home:

  • Clear floors and stairs of objects that can cause tripping.
  • Secure rugs to prevent sliding (rug fasteners can be bought at hardware stores).
  • In the bathroom, install grab bars in the shower and near the toilet, place bathmats on the shower floor, and a safety shower chair in the shower.

At Gentle Wave, we’re here to help so, if you need an aid in the home, please contact us.

Gentle Wave provides a range of services for seniors and those with disabilities or special needs, including:

  • Shopping, arranging for deliveries, unpacking and organizing
  • Coordinating appointments with utility workers, handymen, landlords
  • Picking up dry cleaning, holiday decorations, magazines/newspapers
  • Balancing checkbooks, invoice paying, postal issues
  • Companionship for entertainment and outings
  • Administrative and travel assistance for medical consultations
  • Assistance with the logistics for selection of health professionals and institutions
  • Assistance with mobility and transportation needs
  • Arrangements for purchase and delivery of pharmaceuticals and durable medical equipment
  • Check-ins from day-to-day.

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