Written by Valma da Silva

Unfortunately, it seems as if most of the time, society disregards the potential contributions of the elderly. Our culture ignores the fact that at this stage of life, one may develop a special grace from the knowledge gained through experiences over time.

Achieving senior status can be a calling, not a time for resignation. It can be a time in which we are given the chance to reinvent ourselves in every way—spiritually, intellectually and experientially. Our stories, our hopes and joys, should not remain cloistered in a safe, inaccessible place. The story inherent in the arc of our lives should be shared with others who can learn from it.

With the passage of years, we are presented with the opportunity to see life in poetic terms. We no longer are as occupied, absorbed, and distracted as was our younger self. It can be a beautiful and rewarding time of solidary, love and patience.

The years can confer the insight that there is more joy in giving than in receiving, that there is beauty in immersing ourselves in the delicacy and fragility that longevity confers.

Gentle Wave Concierge Services is here to help make those years productive and meaningful.

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