Attention, all book collectors! The annual 2019 New York Book Fair is about to take place.

The Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America is sponsoring a massive book fair at the New York armory from March 7th through 10th. This will be a gathering of collectible booksellers from all over the world who will display everything from antique books, maps, pamphlets to photographs and illuminated manuscripts.

The book fair includes over 200 booksellers and thousands of visitors over the four days it is in town. The venue for the exhibition is the Park Avenue Armory, which is located at 643 Park Avenue in Manhattan. This is a massive 55,000 square foot building that was used for military training in years past, and is now a convention center and community meeting place.

If anyone wishes to attend, but is having problems making the trip alone, Gentle Wave Concierge Services is available to make the arrangements.

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