By Valma da Silva

We should be thankful for the opportunity to celebrate a birthday in our twilight years. It is a commemoration of the gift of life and the meaning we can derive from what has passed. 

Our physical changes are a reflection of the fact that we have endured, something from which we can derive pride. Those lines remind us of all the past smiles; the salt and pepper hair is our badge of honor, a source of joy.

Each day of our lives provides 1440 minutes of new options and thoughts, a plenitude of feelings and pleasures yet to be explored. Every second provides the opportunity to take a different direction; to explore what would otherwise lay hidden; to hope, to grow.

As we age, we should not dwell on lost capacities or missed opportunities. The passage of years is not a punishment, nor certainly a humiliation. It is a gift, one that is most evident on the day when we commemorate our birth. A birthday gift. 

Aging is a work of fine art. What masterpiece will you render on your next birthday?

Let Gentle Wave help you celebrate life. Give yourself or your loved ones the gift of a concierge to help them fulfill their dreams in the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years ahead.

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