The paradox of our era is that we have become both hyper-connected to one another through social media and hyper-isolated from one another in our social interactions. In other words, it seems as if we feel more comfortable connecting with each other by screens on cell phones than in person.

The problem is compounded by a generation of seniors who may not feel as comfortable using social media in the first place. Many are left with a sense of being left behind; of disconnection and isolation from the mainstream of society.

This problem has been recognized all over the world, from Australia’s working paper on isolation to Britain’s so-called Minister of Loneliness. The latter has been given the task of finding ways to implement the findings of a commission that was set up to explore the problem.

It is our problem too; to restate the obvious, the United States can be a very lonely place. And studies have shown that seniors and the disabled are one of the most at-risk populations. They demonstrate that isolation experienced by seniors and the disabled can lead to physical illness and in extreme cases, an early passing.

This is one of the reasons we started Gentle Wave Concierge Services. We want to be a connection for seniors and the disabled who so desperately need a simple, basic sense of belonging. Please do not hesitate to contact Gentle Wave if we can be of any assistance.

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