The principle that when vision starts to fail, older adults use the mind’s eye to see is a beautiful one; and when the hearing is not the same, they listen to sounds from the past as a reality

To help our loved ones when they start to forget things, we should stimulate their sensory memories.
Let’s do an exercise:
• Think about the color of the sea.
• Think about the sound of your mom’s voice.
• Think about the last time you baked a cake and took it out of the oven.
• Think about the taste of a lemon drop.

If you could see, hear, smell or taste any of these things, you were stimulating your sensory memory.

That is one of the exercises we at Gentle Wave do with our clients.
We stimulate their sensory memory; we work with them to bring back pleasant moments.

Gentle Wave provides a range of services for seniors and those with disabilities or special needs, including:

  • Shopping, arranging for deliveries, unpacking and organizing
  • Coordinating appointments with utility workers, handymen, landlords
  • Picking up dry cleaning, holiday decorations, magazines/newspapers
  • Balancing checkbooks, invoice paying, postal issues
  • Companionship for entertainment and outings
  • Administrative and travel assistance for medical consultations
  • Assistance with the logistics for selection of health professionals and institutions
  • Assistance with mobility and transportation needs
  • Arrangements for purchase and delivery of pharmaceuticals and durable medical equipment
  • Check-ins from day-to-day.

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